Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recruit4Cash?
Recruit4Cash is an adult based affiliate program.

What is an affiliate program?
With our affiliate program you are paid to refer customers to our network of adult sites.

How does it work?
We give you an assortment of affiliate tools that will help you to refer customers to our sites. All you need to do it to place these banners on your adult site or other adult related sites to drive traffic through your link.

How do I get paid?
Affiliates are paid in 2 ways, "Pay Per Sign Up"  and "Revenue Sharing"  Affiliates are paid $1 per free customer sign up plus paid 10% of customers spending for as long as they are a customer. 

How often do I get paid?
Affiliates are paid weeky after the $100 minimum payout is reached. Payday is every Friday.

What payment methods do you offer?
We offer payments via  Check, Direct Deposit, and Payoneer.  

How can I change my payment method?
You can change your payment method at any time from your affiliate dashboard. 

How much money can I make doing this?
The sky is the limit, some affiliates have earned over $5000 in a single week. 

Why should I choose Recruit4Cash?
We believe that being fair and honest with our affiliates is the best and only way. This is why we pay our affiliates for as long as the customers are with us. If your customers are spending money for years to come, you will be paid too!

I live outside the US, can I still join?
Yes, we have affiliates from all over the world. Currently our international payment method is Payoneer. 

Will you report my income to the IRS? (US only)
Yes, we are required by law to report earnings of anyone who earned more than $600 in a year. You will recieve a 1099-MISC at the end of the year.

Can I refer other affiliates to your site?
Yes, we offer 5% of affiliates earnings that you refer. 

Do I have to pay anything upfront?
No, we never charge any fees of any kind. 

Will taxes be taken out of my payment?
No, you will be paid as a contractor and no taxes will be held from your pay. You will recieve a 1099-MISC at the end of the year.

Are there any type of bonuses?
Yes, we do have a bonus structure.

  1. (Tier 1)  $1 per free sign up + 10% of customers spending.
  2. (Tier 2)  Reached after you have your referred 100 customers or more. $1 per free sign up + 15% of customer spending.
  3. (Tier 3)  Reached after you have referred 500 customers. $1 per sign up + 20% of customers spending for LIFE!


What promotional tools do you offer?
We have a wide variety of tools including, html banners, pop under scripts, IM Chat scripts, live cam feeds and much more. 

What sites are best to recruit new customers?
Almost any adult site will work, you can use your own site too.  Be creative some affiliates watermark videos with their link or short url of their link. 

Is there a minimum customer spending that must be met?
Well no, customers spending can vary, however to prevent fraud we do require the average spending per customer to be above $20. This means if you have referred 100 customers your customer should be spending $2000 or more. You would earn $200 (customer spending) + $100 ($1 per sign up).

What sites will I be recruiting for?
We mainly promote 2 sites, and 

Can I track where my hits are coming from?
Yes, to help you find what traffic sources work best for you we have advanced hits tracking in your affiliate dashboard.

Do you allow all types of traffic?
Yes, however we find that certain types of traffic converts better than others. 

Can I use the content on Recruit4Cash on my own site?
Yes, in fact we encourage you to use our content and tools as much as you can. 

How do I post a banner on my site?
You simply copy the html code we provide and paste it into your html editor for your web page where you would like to see it. 

Can my account be banned for any reason?
Yes, if we believe you are involved in any fraudulent activity we will terminate your account and withhold any unpaid earnings. This includes if your average customer spending drops below $20.

Can I create my own banners, text links, or full page ads?
Yes, just use the affiliate link we provide you to link your banners, text links or full page ads. 

Are Stats shown in realtime?
No, they are updated daily. 

Do I need to have a website to be an affiliate?
No, you can recruit on many free sites just by posting ads. 

Do your sites have language translation?
Yes, both and have language translation you can select at the bottom of each page.